I can’t get it out of my head ….. Last week on Honey Boo-Boo or as I like to call it, a modern day Hunger Games – Sugar Mama made her special “Sketi” recipe.

After cooking the sketi, she pulled a tub of “butter” out of the fridge took a huge wooden spoonful, plopped it into a big Tupperware and then dumped …. KETCHUP (CATSUP) … you know the sugar-laden stuff Reagan declared a Vegetable” in the eighties to the “butter.”  (That’s a whole other bat-shit crazy thing)

This was popped into the microwave until melted, mixed together and poured onto the sketi.  And if there was any question … the family spends several on-camera minutes eating their dinner on the couch. All this, while the audience cringes and feels sick to their stomach.

I think a lot of people like to watch Honey Boo-Boo to laugh, mock, and jeer. And we know a lot of it is set-up. Surely the producers upon learning about the “sketi” recipe encouraged the family to do the scene.

The thing is; take away the veneer of reality TV  – like we might take away Katniss’ outfits, make-up and fake love interest and what you are left with is a depiction of how poor people in America (and there is a lot of them) live and survive.

Spending thousands of dollars in the hopes of reaching their version of the “American Dream” beauty pageants.

Extreme couponing resulting in the consumption of huge quantities of highly processed food and how this activity promotes the survival of the fittest – every man for himself mentality.

How Mama won’t let her children swim in a lake, but she will encourage them to roll around in mud over and over again.

How the Gas Station/Convenience store down the street is a source of food for this family and many families all over the United States. High poverty areas are often “food deserts” where fresh, accessible, healthy food is simply not as close as highly processed junk and fast food.

The thing is – most people out there are quick to blame the Honey Hunger Boo-Boo Games family, right? It’s the family’s fault – they choose to live like this, they know better ….  But do they? Do they know better? Do they really have options available to them?

The whole thing wreaks of another Capitalism victory.  Don’t be fooled this is Capitalism at work – not Democracy.  Definitely this is not a society that has prioritized its people, nor a caring society, a society in which no one is left behind.

And then its twisted, that’s the crazy!  We are all individuals “free” to do as we want. Our lack of choices become a choice we have made ?????? CRAZY!

And as if enough money isn’t already being made off of families living in poverty, now the lure of income security (just like for those who win the Hunger Games) and perhaps the illusion of success defined as fame has led this family to enter the Honey Hunger Boo-Boo Games.

A spectacle for all to see!

I think we can all guess who’s making the real money here and it ain’t Honey’s Holla for a Dolla and it ain’t Mama either!!

Oh Katniss … where are you ?!?!?




September 16, 2012 · 3:45 pm

2 responses to “Honey Hunger Boo-Boo Games

  1. Moi itou

    Since it’s not fashionable anymore to bash blacks, jews, women, gays, the new trend is poor bashing. The new pariahs. The “chavs”. The poor working class.

  2. It’s even just how they focus on them when they do something wrong – like cough or sneeze, like when they keep the camera rolling when the Mother sneezes.
    They become the joke and it’s “okay” because they are being paid $$$ ??

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